Annual Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 award winners and scholarship recipients!


President’s Choice Award

Loretta Sayles, HT (ASCP)


Histotechnologist of the Year – This award is reserved for a technologist or technician who has been dedicated to the advancement of Histotechnology as a profession and has contributed to the field of Histology.

Jodi Balsi, HT (ASCP)


Vendor Appreciation Award – This award recognizes a sales representative, region manager, corporate owner, technical representative or a corporation that has supported the Florida Society for Histotechnology and has promoted and participated in the field of Histology.

Joe Myers from BioCare


Pathologist of the Year – This award recognizes a pathologist who has made a significant contribution to FSH through their support of the profession of Histology.

Charles Perniciaro, M.D.


Career Achievement Award – This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to FSH through their dedication and service to the profession of Histology.

Isis Gentles, HT (ASCP)


Bobbie Spillan Award – This award is given in memorium of Bobbie Spillan, the first President of FSH, and is given to a deserving Histotechnologist, who has achieved excellence in the field and supports continuing education.

Jerry Santiago, HT (ASCP)


Scholarship Recipients

The Poly Scientific R&D Educational Scholarship:   Aidyn Quintana Alvarez

Excellence in Histotechnology Education sponsored by Poly Scientific:    Chelsea Nagle

FSH Education Scholarship:    Jaritza Sweat

Education Scholarship from Allied Search Partners:   Samaan Sameh

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