Scholarship Criteria

All Educational Scholarships will be made annually to applicants who are pursuing advanced education and knowledge within the profession of Histotechnology and/or actively working toward academic status which may provide eligibility to take the Histology Certification examination appropriate to your professional registry. The Awards Committee will choose the recipients based on the sincere effort of the applicant and not necessarily upon academic merit.

The recipient must be an FSH member in good standing prior to their nomination.

The following must be submitted to the Awards Committee by April 15th, 2015.

a) Plans for utilization of a scholarship. These plans must be completed within two years after the scholarship is awarded.

b) An up-to-date curriculum vitae.

c) Confidential written evaluation of the applicant by his/her supervisor and/or pathologist or director as to the applicant’s suitability as the possible recipient of a scholarship

NOTE: All Educational Scholarships and Student Scholarships are given to the recipient on a reimbursement basis. Receipts for all expenses (i.e., books, tuition, meetings, registration fees, etc.) must be sent to the Florida Society for Histotechnology Financial Committee for reimbursement. Funds not used within the two year period will revert to Florida Society for Histotechnology.


Click here to download nomination form.


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